Hello and welcome to, the one and only place on the web where graphic design means much, much more than just graphic design. My name is Ben Seys (pretty obvious) and I'm your host for today. So make yourself comfortable, relax, and let's start our magical journey in the wonderful world of graphic design!

What you'll find here

As you've certainly figured out by now, this site presents my personal work. I'm a cartoonist (yeah, like that Dilbert-guy), graphic designer, animator, 3D modeler, event organizer, and I can even serve coffee.

in the next pages, you'll discover what keeps me awake at (very late) night: cartoons, strips, Wieger, Eddy & Caddy, Dino the Saurus, short 3D and anime movies, corporate logos, flyers — just to name a few.

A final word...

One very last (and again, so obvious) detail, before you start: all the works presented in this website are copyrighted, and cannot be used without my express authorization. However, I love to answer emails; so if you like what you see and would like to reuse it somewhere, just drop me a note at licencing [at] Or, send me a mail to info [at] or call me at +32 477 63 84 63 for any other matter.